Get Fuller Looking Lips Naturally

Facial exercises sculpt and tone the facial muscles.

Meghan Markle, Gisele Bunchen, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Madonna and Gwenyth Paltrow are well known promoters of using daily facial exercises to sculpt the face.

As we age, the face can lose muscle tone. This can make make the lips appear thinner.

Facial exercise can firm the muscles around the mouth and increase circulation around the face. This stimulates collagen production, which is a natural plumping substance to achieve fuller looking lips.

The lip muscles are core muscles for your face. Start your facial workout by blowing exaggerated raspberries with your lips and cheeks.

Next is one that you can do to work towards that more defined pout!

Firstly, smile as widely as you can with the mouth closed and your lips gently pressed together.

Then pucker up the lips like a kiss in the most exaggerated way possible.

Hold each position for 5 seconds, relax and repeat 10 times.

A great one to tighten skin around the mouth nose and on the neck is the yawn exercise. Open your mouth as wide as you as if yawning. Repeat several times.

Okay, so now lets end off with the smile exercise. This one strengthens the muscles that control your smile.

Smile as widely as you can without showing your teeth, hold the position. Then smile as widely as you can showing your teeth fully and wide open eyes. Repeat several times.

Doing these a few times daily gets faster results. Results vary from person to person and it can take anywhere from 1 - 3 months for visible results, just like exercising the body!